All businesses operating a page on agree to the following conditions between the COMPANY (Vroom Delivery Inc.) and STORES (businesses selling goods and services on Vroom):
  1. COMPANY assumes no liability for STORES’ employees.
  2. STORES guarantee accuracy of items available for sale at the time they accept the order – any adjustments (due to lack of inventory or otherwise) to customers’ orders will be adjusted by STORES through the COMPANY platform. In the case of a price adjustment, COMPANY will modify the comission rate according to the new price.
  3. STORES are responsible for delivery times within a reasonable amount of time – penalties may apply for orders taking significantly longer than advertised.
  4. STORES agree to the commission rates – commission is based on a percentage of the total amount charged to customers. STORES are liable for these fees regardless of whether they cancel orders, with judgment of refund to be determined by the COMPANY.
  5. Taxes will be collected on behalf of the STORES by COMPANY but it is the responsibility of the STORES to accurately pay and set the rates on all products according to the law.
  6. STORES selling any regulated products such as alcohol or tobacco have all the appropriate licenses and are responsible for ensuring that customers have appropriate identification. COMPANY is not liable for any licensing infractions.
  7. STORES may create separate accounts for each separate physical address but may not create multiple accounts for the same physical location.