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Vroom Delivery is the only e-commerce solution designed specifically for the needs of convenience stores and small markets.

Vroom’s cloud solution can be set up in just days, allowing for a quick and affordable roll-out of your own e-commerce program. Sell and market all of your products online — not just food — for home delivery, in-store pickup, curbside pickup, drive-thru and catering.

Some Numbers.

$250 Billion. The estimated size of the US food and beverage e-commerce delivery market by 2025

25% Sales Growth. Growth reported to us by several of our stores after joining the platform within a year

$44. The average order size on Vroom, nearly 6X higher than the average in-store purchase at c-stores

Why is e-commerce important for convenience stores?

Convenience is rapidly changing. Many delivery-only companies are selling thousands of convenience SKUs on-demand from centralized warehouses at extremely competitive prices.
This is not just in big cities. Delivery-only models already exist in hundreds of smaller communities and will continue to spread.
Don’t be the less convenient option. Physical proximity is no longer the most convenient option for consumers when e-commerce is available.
Build your own network. Relying on third party delivery will limit your product offering, restrict your serviceable area, and force you to raise prices on lower margin goods, making you non-competitive to the emerging e-commerce threats.

The Product.

For Consumers
Fast, easy to use website and iOS app to place orders
For Stores
All the tools needed to manage inbound orders via a web portal
For Management
Manage all your stores from one central location as well as your menu, pricing, delivery fees, transaction history and more
For Drivers
Collect signatures and ID photos, coordinate multiple orders, plan your routes, and track delivery times

How It Works.

Vroom creates your online stores and backend management tools for you in just a matter of days. All software is cloud-based so no physical installations are required.
Vroom uploads your products for you. Not just your hot foods but also beer, tobacco, snacks, and anything else in your store.
Vroom works closely with you to plan your logistics and launch. Deliveries are conducted by store employees, allowing for delivery of alcohol and tobacco in most states. Most chains can cover the vast majority of their market with just a handful of stores delivering.
Set your own delivery fees, delivery radius, hours of operation, and more. You keep complete control of your products and promotions. You keep the delivery fees and tips on every order.
Launch! Start increasing your sales immediately.

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